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44. Vala Afshar, Salesforce: “It is an amazing time to be a technologist”

September 8, 2020

We have witnessed a dramatic increase in the pace of digital transformation. This special episode of Älyradio in English features Vala Afshar, the Chief Digital Evangelist of Salesforce. Among other topics, we discuss with him the implications of COVID-19 on businesses. 

Afshar’s profession is one of a kind: as a Chief Digital Evangelist, he writes blogs, delivers speeches, gives interviews, and keeps himself on the pulse of technology and business. 

Many people think that the customer should be at the center of everything. However, according to Vala Afshar, the best place for a business is to be on the edge of the customer’s business. From there, a company can observe the changing needs of business and customers. 

But why should AI be a human right? What kind of role does technology have in preventing the pandemic? Listen to Sami’s and Vala’s discussion on Älyradio!

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